Auto Salvage Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most useful information, customers most frequently asked questions.

How much do you pay for scrap cars?

We pay a premium for cars under 4 years of age and also for unusual vehicles. The price also depends on market conditions. However, we do have a reputation for paying more than our competitors.

Can you collect my scrap car?

Yes, we can recover your vehicle using our fleet of recovery trucks.

Why can't you pay me in cash for my scrap car?

To cut down on metal theft, the law states that it is illegal for anyone to make a cash payment for a scrap car.

Can you fit the parts to my vehicle?

We have an arrangement with a local garage (just around the corner), they can fit parts at very competitive prices.

Do you break vans?

Yes, we break most vans & light commercial vehicles.

Are you a registered scrap yard?

Yes, we are a fully Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). We have a Waste Carriers Licence and are regularly inspected by the Environment Agency.